Running your private lending business with:


Text Based Software




Receive the deal electronically (via broker software integrations). Get the credit bureau within Automator. You can also add the deal information manually (3-5 min).

There's no way to properly receive data, unless written on a paper application. The information may be inaccurate.

Can't be estimated
< 10 sec

The term sheet is issued.

The term sheet is issued.

15-30 min
< 1 min

Investor information is provided; lawyer instructions are available; compliance documents are available as well. All the information is already stored in Mortgage Automator.

Prepare lawyer instructions manually.

10-15 min with templates

Prepare investor forms.

10-15 min per form
< 30 sec

Funds were deposited, the closing date was selected, lawyer distribution or advance statement is available.

Figure out the closing date, calculate the interest adjustment, If multiple investors, recalculate interest adjustments. Distribute accordingly to each investor. If there is a servicing fee/spread being charged to the investors, interest adjustment has to be calculated with the spread going to the administrator.

15-20 min

< 1 min 40 sec

80 min +




The deal is funded, the payment is automatically set up for pull.

< 1 min

Create a debit file (pull funds from borrowers), select payment period for accrued interest.

Manual input to cash management online or 3rd party EFT platform. Verify and validate all files. Remove all discharged files, add all new files. Update payment amounts, make sure all the numbers are accurate.

From 10 min to a dedicated employee
< 1 min

Create a credit file. Send funds to investors.

Remove investor payments that were supposed to be sent (based on the discharged loans), add amounts for investors based on the new files they funded. Make sure all of the numbers are accurate.

From 10 min to a dedicated employee

Investor statements are sent out automatically.

Prepare investor statements each month.

10 - 15 min per statement.
< 1 min

Select the requested discharge date,
Per-diem is calculated automatically.
(If applicable) penalty is calculated automatically.
(If applicable) Payout fees are calculated automatically.

Calculate per-diems,
Calculate penalties (if applicable),
Calculate payout fees (if applicable).

15 - 30 min
< 1 min

If the actual payout date is different than requested, adjust the date,
Per-diem updated automatically,
Discharge distribution breakdown is ready.

Recalculate per-diems.

5 min

Prepare discharge distribution breakdown for investors.

10-20 min

< 4 min

90 min + | 1 dedicated employee



< 1 min

The original data is prepopulated from the existing loan. Adjust information/loan terms if necessary, choose conditions. The agreement is ready.

Prepare the renewal agreement,
Repost all conditions,
Re-enter data if the interest rates or fees require updates.

10 - 20 min

< 1 min

10-20 min



under 7 min

over 190 min