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No matter the size of your lending business, Mortgage Automator is fully adaptable to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Individual/Small Private Lenders

Small or new private lenders with no employees and minimal volume greatly benefit from using Mortgage Automator even if they don’t log in on a daily basis. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we provide the tools necessary to get you up to speed quickly. Our Standard Plan offers a variety of useful features, but, most importantly, Automator provides a solid private lending process with regard to both due diligence and document templates.

Our smaller clients benefit from being organized and focused on growing their businesses rather than manually typing up term sheets or creating complex Excel spreadsheets when doing discharges. When the business gets large enough to start issuing investor statements, your plan can be easily upgraded to the next level, which also comes with a variety of additional features.

Features you’ll love

  • Custom Documents
  • Document Upload Portal
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Mortgage Administrators

Companies administering deals for their own investors or administering for external clients protect themselves through organized data and document storage, task lists, and more. Mortgage Automator supports unlimited fund accounts and investors as long as the payments from all borrowers flow through a single bank account.

As an Administrator, you will enjoy fully automated PAD payments from borrowers and to investors, annual statements for borrowers, and beautiful investor statements⁠—all custom branded and customized for you as necessary.

Features you’ll love

  • User Management & Permission Control
  • NSF Tracking
  • Monthly Investor Statements
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No matter what your Offering Memorandum (OM) says, Mortgage Automator supports your unique GP LP structure. If you’re using floating unit prices, the unit prices are automatically calculated and the Net Asset Value (NAV) can be adjusted pre- or post- DRIP. Trade confirmations are created on each investment, and investors can be paid either their investment or fund value.

One-time dividends can be issued whenever, automatically calculating payouts to each investor based on a multitude of factors, always accurate, all done for you.

If you’re transferring data from another software, we will do all the hard work for you and populate your account with your own data, you just have to click “Fund” on each deal. Even if you are using a Line of Credit for some of your investments, Mortgage Automator makes it easy to track even the most complex scenarios you engage in.

Features you’ll love

  • Pre-Authorized Debit
  • Customizable Reports
  • Year-End Tax Documents
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Running a successful MIC is not easy, but with Mortgage Automator it becomes a little less complicated. In real-time, the Dashboard shows funds deployed and even committed to deals, warning you of low balances. Investor Dashboard shows how much funds each investor has available, making it easier to raise additional capital.

With compliance as the core, each deal gets its own set of disclosure and documents, while the fund itself has automatic reports for Trust DRIP reporting as well as other government reports. Beautiful quarterly statements are automatically sent to your investors, reducing the back-and-forth communication and the questions.

If you run a MIC, we are confident to say that there is simply no better software to use, but that doesn’t mean we are standing still. We are continuing to evolve and create the most comprehensive and automated system to benefit you.

Features you’ll love

  • Shareholder PAD
  • Trust Accounting
  • Compliance & Reporting
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