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Build a sales funnel, automate and manage tasks, and digitize your loan origination processes.

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Key Origination Features

  • Application Import (Drag and Drop)

    • Filogix
    • Lendesk
    • Velocity
    • Custom
  • Filogix Connection (brokers submit)

  • Direct via API

  • Through a submission form on your website

  • Bulk Upload

  • Manual data entry

  • Lead Intake Form

  • Transaction History

  • Commitment

  • Lawyer instructions

  • Lawyer Distribution calculations

  • Admin/Servicing agreements

  • Renewal docs

  • Discharge/Payout statements

  • Discharge/Payout distribution instructions

  • Purchase

  • Refinancing

  • Commercial

  • Construction

  • Fix and Flip

  • Personal Loans

  • Weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly

  • Monthly (always on the 1st or flexible)

  • Quarterly

  • Prepaid (partly or fully)

  • Accrued / Postponed (until next draw)

  • Capitalized (daily, monthly, etc.)

  • Interest adjustment paid at funding or regular payment date

  • Full or partial interest

  • Sub-investors

  • A-B-piece / Tranche loans

  • Interest Spread

  • Drag-and-drop to change priority

  • Tracking of condition statuses

  • Link to document uploads

  • List outstanding conditions

  • Interest-only

  • Principal & Interest

  • Escalating

  • VRM

  • Distribute fees to investors, brokers, etc

  • Pay at funding or first payment date

  • Estimated fees

  • Spread between a number of regular monthly payments

  • Collect via credit card

  • Build and modify your own Kanban workflow

  • Create custom cards with the fields that are specific to your lending practice

  • Create various roles and permissions

  • Hide sensitive information

  • Document Upload Portal

  • Broker Document Transfer

  • Upload via a white-labeled URL

  • Form 1, 9, 10, Borrower Disclosures, Investor Disclosures

  • Saved Templates

  • Interactive Filters

  • Due dates

  • To-do list management

  • Status based or manual triggers

  • SMS/Email templates

  • Automatic document generation & attachment

  • Request additional funds/draws

  • Request renewals/extensions

  • Request payoffs/discharges

  • Create new loans

  • Upload documents


Cut our manual process over 60%

It is custom tailored for our individual needs not only in front and operations but in back and servicing. This software has allowed us to become paper free. I have sat down and talked to many developers in the space. This was the only company that delivered what it said and has the upmost professional team.

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Alex Buriak, Jet Lending

The Future of Mortgage Administration

Very user-friendly. Like their slogan says, “For Lenders by Lenders.” As a lender myself, this is a very natural and intuitive software. You can tell that the software is built by a lender.

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Stephen Cross, First Circle Financial

Mortgage Automator is a game changer!

There are so many features that are great, but the ability to produce so many of our custom documents so quickly has made us super efficient and lifted our game considerably. We can literally turn around a straightforward application in 10 minutes and have a commitment letter sent out. Instructing our solicitor with a file is ultra easy too, as is producing renewal agreements and discharge/payout statements.

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Grant Plunkie, Shelter Lending Corporation

The name speaks for itself… and the people are AWESOME!

Mortgage Automator is so user friendly; not much need for training, it is very intuitive to navigate. They are very helpful and super quick to return a call or email. Producing paperwork for us has become so much easier.

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Katie F., New Haven

Mortgage Automator… Automates!

The Mortgage Automator Platform is relied on as our core loan management database / software. All major features were considered and work as needed, and some custom features have even been developed and implemented based on our company’s suggestions. This software is easily equivalent to 2-3 (or more) additional staff.

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James Grantis, Hosper Mortgage
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Top performers are switching to Mortgage Automator to power their entire private lending business and generate all their documents in minutes. It’s time to get ahead of the curve, gain a competitive advantage, and deliver exceptional value to your brokers, lawyers and investors!

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