Since the start of the pandemic, companies have been focusing on the importance of customer service, and for a good reason. Social distancing and stay-at-home precautions have made it harder for human connection, leaving many feeling the effects. The actions that companies are taking to increase overall customer support are a huge win for cultivating long-lasting relationships and keeping spirits up during a time like this.

Here at Mortgage Automator, we have leaned into the importance of building a close connection with our customers during this crisis, by way of Zoom calls and online chat through our platform. Our support team has prioritized helping our customers learn how to use our tool better, answering their questions, attending to specific requests, and doing it quickly. 

Additionally, remote access during the pandemic has become a must. Customers rely on our software with most of their business processes and if something occurs where they need our assistance, it’s important for us to always be available for their requests. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the lending process, our customers need fast responses. They can’t wait for days when it’s a matter of a multi-million-dollar deal.

We have overall increased our customer service efforts since March 2020 and are focused on providing our clients with the best support possible. We focus on efficiency, transparency, and compassion. Customer satisfaction with our product and service is our number one priority and always will be.